Values are written words, and our culture is how we  actually live these values.

  1. Process – You will seldom find “Process” as a value in an organization, however we do follow it as an organization. We believe that a process-oriented organization will reach its goals & objectives sooner & seamlessly. We implement process planning almost at every interaction and level in the organization to maximize productivity and cut down wastage and thus converting and keeping ourselves “LEAN”.
  2. Results – As an organization we believe that results are milestones and process is life. We in Informica ensure that results are a way of life because Results are rewarded, efforts aren’t. Desires fulfilled becomes desires upgraded, Finishing lines become the new starting lines
  3. Execution – We believe in “Doing IT NOW”, because decisions not acted upon within a certain time, never get executed. So, we act now …. We understand that Progress = Decision + Immediate Action. Do not wait for all the signals to be green. Decide, Act, Review. Again decide, Again act….
  4. Originality – We believe in originality and being innovative. We encourage originality and protect it. It takes lot of courage to be who you are and we at Informica, encourage the family members to be original. We actually hate it when you do not project what you are. It won’t bring value to you or the organization. We at Informica live to express and not impress.
  5. Relationships – We do not drop relationships to save ego, whether it is the internal or the external customer. Instead we drop ego to save relationships. In business with ego, you are gone and without ego, You & I both go ON.