Permanent Hiring

Informica’s Permanent Recruitment team provides unrivalled human resource and talent management solutions to meet your firm’s recruitment needs within the APAC region. Permanent hires are more than just project delivery – they are the backbone of your company, continually contributing to your product or service. Naturally, this ‘critical core’ cannot be compromised.  It is a flexible recruitment service that can be availed on a retained as well as non-retained basis. Each recruiter in our Permanent Recruitment team has over a decade’s hiring experience within their industry. Thanks to extensive industry experience, our recruiters are adept at finding the right candidate for your organization, who not only have the right skill-set but also a great culture-fit and attitude. When you partner with Informica, you can be confident that these core values are being met. Our talent network, combined with technological tools and proprietary talent data, enables us to meet your specific requirements — reaching beyond the basics to align culture, aspirations and values to fit your big-picture goals.

What We offer

  1. Contingent recruitment
  2. Multiple hiring and recruitment
  3. Volume hiring
  4. On-site recruitment process outsourcing