Human Capital Analytics

Small & Mid-Size organizations sit on tremendous amount of data, however because of their extensive focus on the core business, focus of data analytics takes a back seat. Additionally a major obstacle for the top management is determining how to use the data to develop information to help them improve organizational performance. Organizational leaders need analytics that will help them identify the most powerful predictors of performance—predictive analytics. They need to understand the causes for performance improvements or declines to identify what actions they can take to improve future effectiveness. They also need leading indicators that will help them foresee changes, patterns, and trends that will affect the organization’s future performance so they can address those changes in a timely way.

What we do ?

  1. Understand Leaders’ Information Needs
  2. Understand and Work Cross Functionally to take data driven Business Decisions
  3. Conduct a Data Inventory to Determine What Data and Resources, the organization requires
  4. Understand what to measure for better Business decisions
  5. Identify Analytics that matter

What we deliver?

  1. Effectively Communicate Results
  2. Present Descriptive Statistics and Cross-Tabulations
  3. Correlational Analyses
  4. Inferential Analyses: Drawing Conclusions about Cause-and-Effect Relationships
  5. Big Data and Data Mining (Coming Soon)
  6. Leading Indicators and Predictive Analytics